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Not Safe For Work


giovedì 1 marzo 2018


Help Support My Blog
Dear followers and readers, I need your support.
Tell a friend about me, add a link to this page.
If you like or love my blog content and find it genuinely helpful and interesting, please help me continue educating people about the BDSM Lifestyle by supporting me and, if you have not yet, become a supporter.

Maintaining my blog is a full-time job!
Behind the screen that you are reading right now, there's a lot of work and time spent on the blog. My motivation for writing it is in hopes that I can help others to cross the gap from vanilla life to the BDSM Community.

This blog has had more than 150k page views. Since 2015, when I began blogging, I spend many hours each day writing, giving advice, mentoring and answering hundreds of questions in an effort to guide individuals just starting to practice BDSM in the right direction. In the background, along with all of my social media pages that I use as a conduit to the blog, there's also researching, coding and keeping the blog up to date.

I dedicate my time and resources to sharing my insights in the hopes that it may help even just one person on their path into the Lifestyle.
It takes money to provide hosting, maintenance, registration for the website, software and technical items.
I appreciate any kind of support you can give to help us help others, including financial support.

Ways to Support
There are many ways you can support our blog:

By showing and giving support, you can help me spread my journey and message to others that are looking to make the transition from a vanilla lifestyle to a BDSM dynamic. 

Share, Follow & Comment
The easiest and most important way to support my blog is by sharing its content. My most desired result is to spread my content in hopes that it will reach a greater number of people that are interested in beginning the same journey.
On every post you will find social media icons that you can Click-to-Share my posts or even email them to a friend.

Become a follower of the blog and of my social media page.
Comment when you find something that makes you think, that you like or dislike!
Your thoughts, your suggestions, your questions, even your unfavourable opinions will help me to think and write more. By commenting, sharing, and pinning, you are helping me grow! Thank you so much for being part of my journey! 

And thank you for reading!

Ways to Give
Make a donation

Some people are highly turned off by blogs that ask for money. However I know that for some folks this may be the easiest way to show their appreciation.
Click to Give Now.
I'm very thankful for any amount that you can give. 

I send an even bigger thank you to all of my supporters that are helping me with small monthly recurrent contributions.
All proceeds will go to maintain the blog.
Send 5 euros via   PayPal
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Send 50 euros via PayPal

A big thank you again for supporting my cause and my blog.

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