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lunedì 25 febbraio 2019

The Dos And Don'ts of Hiring A Dominatrix

The Dos And Don'ts of Hiring A Dominatrix, Explained (By A Dominatrix)

Do you love having a woman dressed up in latex and lingerie whack your testicles with a baseball bat? Do you want a nurse to give you a “physical” that ends in you being pegged? Does the idea of being flogged for an hour while you’re verbally degraded turn you on?
Seems like it might — at least a little bit — or you wouldn’t have clicked on this article. Lucky for you, dominatrices exist to give you your every fantasy. We’re beautiful, well-trained, and willing to electrify you with a battery-operated device if you want us to. What’s not to like?

Before you actually hire a dominatrix to let you be her puny slave, however, there are a few things you should know to make sure things go smoothly for everybody involved:

1. DO: Understand the Difference Between Different Types Of Mistresses
Not all dominatrices are the same — in terms of specialties, amount of experience (people aren’t born knowing how to properly do urethral sounding, OK?), what they’re willing to do, or where they work. It’s a good idea to know, for instance, the differences between a domme working in a dungeon and a domme who operates on her own.
Dungeons can be a great place to have a fantastic session, in particular because there’s more variety on offer. If you seek out hiring a pro domme who is independent (which basically means she’s operating outside of a dungeon, has her own dungeon, or rents out spaces in various dungeons) that usually means she’s worked in a dungeon (or various) for a while training and learning what works best for her.
It’s important when choosing between an independent or a dungeon mistress to understand that dommes in the dungeons only make a portion of what you’re actually paying. If you’re paying $250, it’s possibly they’re only making $80 of that because the owner of the dungeon takes a cut to pay for the space and for coordinating the session.

2. DON’T: Try To Pay Without Tipping
I don’t know who raised the men who haven’t tipped me before but let me just say dominatrices are providing a specialized service and you should tip them. If you hire an independent mistress who’s probably getting 100% of what you’re giving her, you should still tip her, but you should never ever go to a dungeon and not tip your mistress. That’s a great way to get blacklisted, basically — or, best-case scenario, that’s how you end up with nicknames like “Smelly Balls Steve” or “F*ckface Ballbuster.”

You should be tipping at least $60 a session, but that’s at minimum. If you’re asking for a woman to piss on your face or defecate on you or make you eat feces or semen or to give you permanent physical damage (I’ve had a man ask me to hit his testicles so hard that he wouldn’t be able have children) then you must tip a ton. It’s just disrespectful to not tip.

When you go to a dungeon, you’re usually seeking some kind of fantasy fulfillment that your regular sex partners aren’t willing to give you or you’re too ashamed to ask of them. We, as mistresses, are your fantasy makers. We don’t end up covered in your blood and cum just to walk away making the bare minimum. Tip us — or you’re going to be left with marks when you specifically asked for “no marks”.

3. DO: Know What You Want (Or Have An Open Mind)
My favorite client is one who is obviously just dedicated to their kink. It’s hot and it usually means they’re seriously into BDSM. If your thing is ballbusting and you know it, that’s great. That means less time talking and more time ballbusting.

If you are new to BDSM, that’s OK too. It’s fine to come into a dungeon with zero idea of what you actually might want but then come with an open mind. Clients who allow me to work with them and try out new things are so fun! Let me dress you up in a sissy session or make you kiss my feet with body worship or even better, let me tie you up and flog your ass till it bleeds. Either way, come in with an open mind or a clear idea.

4. DON’T: Be Too Ashamed To Ask For What You WantFor many dommes, a big pet peeve (outside of people that don’t tip, obviously) is people who come in with a very clear idea of what they want… yet during meets, refuse to actually vocalize it.
Do not mumble to your domme; look her in the eyes and tell her what you want. No person wants to walk into a session and have no clue what’s going on. How are we supposed to be confident? How are we supposed to trust you? Here’s the thing...we don’t and won’t.

If you have a thing for being treated like a pony and having us ride you while hitting you with a riding crop, just tell us. Trust me, there’s nothing your domme hasn’t seen already. This is your moment! Don’t waste it on shame. Practice asking for what you want in a mirror beforehand if you need to.

5. DO: Know If You Want A Switch Or Dom SessionMistresses are experts in all of BDSM, therefore many of us are willing to also be submissive for a specific set of clients who we deem trustworthy. Not every mistress is willing to do this, though, so it’s a special kind of session and due to that, you have to tip generously. This may seem obvious, but if you’re going into a session where you’re domming a mistress and know you’re most likely going to leave bruises, you must tip extra.

Not just a normal tip, like I mentioned earlier, but an out-of-this-world tip that could make up for any possible loss of work. Why do I mention loss of work? Because many clients don’t want mistresses who do switch sessions, and if they see bruises on them, they may not choose to session with them or tip them less. I’ve heard of clients who leave bruises who tip up to $1,000 to make up for loss of income. Not saying that’s necessary — but hey, a girl can dream of that perfect client someday.

6. DON’T: Confuse Dommes With Other Types Of Sex WorkersThis is something I’ve experienced often working in dungeons in NYC. Dungeons are legal in NYC, but many clients go to the dungeons seeking things of a more specific nature, such as handjobs, oral sex, or other things that aren’t within the job description of a dominatrix.

You’re putting the dominatrix and the establishment they’re working for on the line. There’s nothing wrong with seeking this kind of pleasure, but there are sex workers who specifically focus on those services. Dominatrixes focus on kink and roleplay fulfillment; we’re not here so you can get your dick sucked. If that’s what you’re interested in, seek other sex workers so they can make that money — and then you also don’t waste our time in the dungeon.

7. DO: Communicate Your Boundaries Clearly Before, During And After
Clear communication around boundaries is vital to having a good session. A play session is just like any other sexual experience — you have to be consenting, and communication needs to be across the board for everyone.

If you don’t communicate with your domme, then you’re not going to have as great a time. If you don’t allow your domme to communicate with you, then it’s going to be difficult for her to feel she can trust you enough to have an enjoyable experience. We’re here, many of us, because we love kink and want to give it all in our sessions. We expect you to communicate with us so this can be a safe and fun experience.

venerdì 22 febbraio 2019

Racconti per la Padrona

Beato Colui che siederà ai piedi della sua Sposa.
Grato e orgoglioso,
Bacerà e laverà le sue piante
E da esse sarà benedetto e incoronato.
Sotto quei piedi,
Sottomesso e devoto alla sua Sposa,
Come suo servo e adepto,
Egli sarà sempre rigenerato e nutrito.
Carne della usa carne,
Sangue del suo sangue,
Nota d’effluvio,
Goccia intima dei suoi umori,
Così, lo Sposo,
Appartiene e discende dalla sua Signora,
Come strumento della sua volontà,
Simile a un vaso vuoto che si riempie della sua essenza,
A Lei sempre volgerà la mente
Ed i più nobili intenti,
Asservito alle sue voglie e al suo piacere,
Per soccombere e risorgere
Sotto l’ombra del suo piede.

© Charmel Roses

Tratto da "Racconti per la Padrona, disponibile su Amazon nella versione digitale e cartacea:

mercoledì 20 febbraio 2019

Piccola riflessione serale

Quando pensate di volere una Mistress cosa significa per voi?  
Quanto tempo pensare di poter dedicare alla vostra passione per il Bdsm? 
E quanto tempo volete dedicare alla Donna che vi accompagnerà in questo percorso?
Cosa siete disposti a sacrificare per Lei?
Vi spiego il mio punto di vista, che probabilmente avrete già letto e sentito altrove: sono ben consapevole che la posizione della Padrona nella vita di un schiavo venga, almeno per come la penso io, dopo la famiglia, il lavoro e la salute.
Ma poi?
Viene dopo il calcio, la moto, la casa o qualsiasi altra passione abbiate? 
Se sì, quale Donna, non esclusivamente dominante, pensate possa accettare questa situazione? 
È esattamente una Padrona che cercate, o semplicemente una play partner?

• ᗩᖇE YOᑌ ᖇEᗩᗪY ᖴOᖇ TᕼE ᑕᗩGE? • • • 🄳🄾🄼🄸🄽🄰 🄶🄾🄻🄳🅈 • • #chastitykeyholder #malechastitydevice #malechastity #chastitytraining #chastitylife #sissychastity #chastitycage #chastitybelts #chastitylove #chastityboy #chastityslave #chastitybelt #chastitydevice #dominagoldy #bdsm

Ready to be used

martedì 19 febbraio 2019

Barbed wire and pain

Random thoughts

Ogni volta che una poser improvvisata scrive riferendosi all'sm "odio la violenza" da qualche parte nel mondo un bdsmer vero muore. 
Non serve giustificare il non essere sadiche dicendo castronerie che vi qualificano come ignoranti che le sparano grosse. 
L'sm è la ricerca del piacere atteraverso il dolore tra adulti e consenzienti. 
La violenza è un atto imposto a una persona inerme che lo subisce contro la sua volonta, se c'è violenza NON PUÒ ESISTERE IL BDSM. Una cosa esclude l'altra, e vale sia per il corpo che per la mente. 
Se non sai l'abc puoi dominare solo la tua vescica non un'altra persona. 
Neofiti, non vi fate fregare dalle frasi da cioccolatino kinky, guardate la sostanza, siate attenti sempre. 
Osservate, capite, attendete prima di affidarvi.

- Lucrezia Verdi

lunedì 18 febbraio 2019

On your knees

Never Have I Ever: Hired a Dominatrix

Did you ever play “Never Have I Ever” in college? Here are the rules: Everyone puts up ten fingers, and you go around in a circle and one by one share something that you’ve never done (and as human nature goes, the experiences shared are usually sexual). If you’ve done it, you have to put one finger down, and of course, drink. The first person to put all 10 fingers down loses or wins, depending on how you look at it.

One day we all have to become grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop playing Never Have I Ever, or better yet — checking things off your bucket list. AskMen is still playing, and the rules are simple: In each edition of this column, we speak to a couple about something they’ve always wanted to try in bed. They tell us about the fantasy, and why it turns them on. Then, they actually do it, and we get the lowdown on how the experience matched the fantasy.

While terms such as “BDSM,” “pro-domme,” and “sex dungeon” might conjure up imagery of whips and chains (and yes, those do get used), the largest sex organ is still the human brain. That means psychological domination can be just as intense, if not more so, than physical domination. That’s what Jack H. was hoping to experience during his first time with a pro-domme.

Within the world of BDSM, psychological domination refers to using words, hypnosis, and commands, either alone or coupled with physical sensation, to consensually bring the sub partner into a submissive space where they’re at the mercy of the dominant partner (in Jack’s case, his pro-domme).

After watching plenty of pro-domme porn, Jack finally decided to seek one out in real life. Before the popular sex-worker website Backpage was shut down, he found the domme of his dreams. That led to the discovery of his hypnosis kink, and while he experience was different from the porn he’d watched, it was in the best way possible.

Curious about what it feels like to be psychologically dominated? Read on to find out.

AskMen: What led you to seek out a pro-domme?
Jack H: I had been reading a lot and watching a lot of porn with a BDSM bent, and I sort of let it percolate for a while before I finally decided to pull the trigger, but I went through a bunch of ads and spent a lot of time fantasizing before I actually reached out to a pro-domme.

Do you identify as submissive?
I’m more a switch than anything else, but when I’m feeling subby, it’s a sort of pervasive thing for a while until that gets satisfied.

Had you watched pro-domme porn, or heard about experiences from friends?
Yes, I’ve been watching pro-domme porn since I was a kid. Not exclusively, but I’ve always been curious to some degree or another.

How did you find and select your domme?
It was sort of gradual. As I looked, the idea turned me on more, and the more it turned me on, the more I looked, and that made me get brave and more serious about it, which made me sort of look for someone who made me feel safe. and then called and did a long talk with her before I felt comfortable enough to finally set up a session. It was via Backpage, when that was a thing.

What about her appealed to you?
She was sexy, and lithe, and smart! And I could tell from the ad that she was smart and sensual.

How was your first session? How did it compare to the fantasy?It was legitimately great. Mistress was wonderfully patient, and I was very nervous, but in a good way. It was a little more nuts-and-bolts than the ethereal version of the fantasy, but it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Are there particular submissive fetishes or kinks you were stoked to try?
I’m really, really into mindf—kery, so I was excited to try edging, and orgasm denial, and some general sensual submission with orgasm control. I’m also very into hypnosis and was able to incorporate that, as well as the physical edging.

Psychological domination and hypnosis are experiences that folks new to BDSM might not know about. People tend to assume it’s all whips and chains. Can you elaborate on what hypnosis with a domme is like?It’s submitting your mind completely, and letting someone else control it for a while. It’s amazing. Like, life-changing amazing. I like being out-thunk, and having my domme compelling me on a mental level to do as I’m told. If you get to the point where you allow the suggestions to land, they can make you feel anything you can conceive. So, for someone like me who’s an overthinker, it’s paradise. Because you just … obey.

Would you do it again? Both see her and enjoy the psychological domination?I would, I have, and I will.

Any tips for first-timers curious about seeking one out, such as what to expect and how to treat your domme?Don’t try and control the experience. Find someone who excites you, and submit to the best of your ability. Remember that it’s a muscle, and you have to work at it. Have fun. Do as you’re told.

Pensiero di oggi

Se ti guardi allo specchio trovi la causa e la soluzione dei tuoi problemi. Se guardi fuori dalla finestra troverai solo scuse...

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venerdì 8 febbraio 2019

• ᗩᗪOᖇE: TI ᒪOᐯE ᗩᑎᗪ ᖇEᔕᑭEᑕT ᔕOᗰEOᑎE ᗪEEᑭᒪY • • • #bdsmlifestyle #bdsm #slave #domination #submissive #dominagoldy #collar

Leggendo qua e la...

Chissà come sei fisicamente nuda e che odore hai,
se calda o tiepida, se morbida o fremi,
Chissà se scaldi o incendi,
Chissà se sciogli i ghiacciai, o argini la lava,
Chissà se fai urlare come le cascate nascoste,
Chissà se sei un segreto da sussurrare o da promettere,
Chissà se le tue labbra fanno nascere il mondo
Chissà il ritmo del tuo respiro come cambia,
chissà se il tuo corpo è teso,
corpo in guerra, o rilassato, corpo in pace.
Chissà dove posano i tuoi occhi.
Chissà se ami mentre il corpo gode.
Chissà se i pensieri fuggono o se il corpo di lui ti cattura.
Chissà se vuoi con forza o prendi con dolcezza.
Chissà se l'odore della tua pelle sudata e sfregata
sa di anni di piacere o di anni di mancanza.


lunedì 4 febbraio 2019

Time for relax.

Che cos’è il BDSM

Leggo parecchi articoli che hanno come comune denominatore il termine BDSM, ma questo articolo lo trovo di una superficialità totale!
Cosa ne pensate voi?

Scritto da Patrizia La Meglio il 2 febbraio 2018. Pubblicato in Lifestyle

Oggi sempre di più si sente parlare del termine BDSM, anche grazie alla popolarità che i libri e la trasposizione cinematografica di “50 sfumature…” hanno portato. Infatti, secondo le statistiche, questi giochi erotici e di sottomissione fanno parte delle fantasie di 1 persona su 6.
Ma esattamente che cos’è esattamente questo termine e che cosa significa?
Il termine BDSM sta a indicare una gamma di pratiche erotiche basate sul dolore e/o l’umiliazione tra due (o addirittura più) partner adulti che da queste pratiche ricevono un enorme soddisfazione e godimento.

B sta per bondage.
D dominazione.
S sottomissione e sadismo.
M di masochismo.

Sono parecchie le pratiche ricondotte al BDSM e di conseguenza tanti sono gli strumenti utilizzati. Per questo motivo chi ha intenzione di cominciare questa attività erotica deve prima aprire un confronto sui reciproci gusti, in modo da evitare spiacevoli situazioni.

Oggi grazie all’introduzione dei sexy shop online è possibile trovare e comprare tutto ciò che si vuole…e in completa riservatezza! Dunque, quali articoli sexy shop BDSM scegliere?

Scegli L’accessorio Giusto Per Te
Una delle fantasie più comuni oggigiorno e quella di essere legati o di essere sculacciati. Per quanto riguarda il primo caso, esistono manette sia per caviglie che per polsi (o entrambe). Esistono manette in metallo, in metallo, ma rivestite con peluche, in camoscio con chiusura in velcro o in ecopelle. Non dimentichiamoci delle corde: esplora le vette del bondage e sadomaso con il tuo partner! Le manette e le corde, però, se usate in cattivo modo possono andare a fare male il tunnel carpale e portare parestesie temporanee e dolori. Assicuratevi sempre che il polso non sia costretto o che la manetta/corda non sia in tensione!

Una volta in manette, vi è anche la serie di bavagli da usare in modo da impedire alla persona sottomessa di parlare. Si hanno quelli in stoffa, plastica, ad anello, a forma di palla…o con forme falliche.
Per quanto riguarda, invece, la seconda fantasia più comune (sculacciamento), è possibile individuare fruste, con le varianti a forma di pene o in lattice.
Parlando invece del vestiario sia per donna che per uomo il latex è predominante. Per l’uomo: dalla tuta, al bermuda, pantaloni, slip ecc…per la donna: abiti, calze, pantacollant, top e gonna.

Nel BDSM è possibile anche il travestimento. Questo è il motivo delle maschere in tulle, con pietre preziose o con piume e decorazioni dorate. Ma non solo, andando più nello specifico abbiamo cappuccio completo con aperture. Un accessorio davvero intrigante per i vostri giochi erotici!

Scopri Le Varianti
Tra gli altri accessori di BDSM possiamo individuare anche pinze sia per capezzoli che per testicoli.
Per chi, infine, è alla ricerca di un’esperienza BDSM a 360 gradi, esistono dei veri e propri kit per trasformare il proprio letto in una macchina dell’amore bondage! Con il kit, infatti, è possibile legare il proprio partner al letto e sui bordi del materasso, ed è collegato a 4 cordini dotati di manette alle caviglie e polsi. Il kit comprende do 1 testiera reclinabile 12 anelli 4 bitte regolabili 1 maschera raso accecante.
Fatevi trasportare in questo mondo BDSM! Sarà sicuramente un’esperienza che darà un nuovo livello di piccantezza alla vostra vita di coppia. Provare per credere!

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