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Not Safe For Work

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018

Come funziona un rapporto sadomaso

Avere una relazione nella vita difficile, il più delle volte.
Aggiungiamo ad essa le implicazioni di un rapporto sadomaso e le cose rischiano di complicarsi ulteriormente. La verità che una relazione con un’altra persona risulta facile o difficile in base a come ci si comporta.
Molte persone inciampano nel sadomasochismo per caso, mentre cercano un modo per rivitalizzare la loro vita sessuale.
Con alcune coppie, il sadomasochismo limitato all'intimità della propria camera da letto.
Altre, invece, si guardano intorno e cercano altre persone con gli stessi interessi con cui poter sperimentare, giocare e divertirsi.

Giocare per la prima volta con il sadomasochismo può essere come tuffarsi di testa nel fondo di una piscina, può togliere il fiato.
Nessuno può prepararvi per quello che arriverete a scoprire e a fare.

I rapporti sadomaso possono andare in due modi: possono essere di lunga durata o transitori.
Le relazioni di lunga durata sono quelle che si sono formate prima della scoperta del sadomasochismo, mentre quelle transitorie sono quelle cominciate dopo la scoperta di questo mondo.
Molte persone entrano a far parte della comunità sadomasochista per trovare partner che abbiano i loro stessi interessi, altre persone, invece, cercano solo ed esclusivamente sesso.
Per le coppie che praticano sadomasochismo difficile annoiarsi, ma se dovesse succedere, basterebbe solo utilizzare la propria immaginazione per provare cose nuove.
Tu imponi i tuoi limiti al sadomasochismo.
Nei rapporti sadomaso c’è lo schiavo e il padrone, colui che domina e colui che subisce, sadismo, sottomissione, masochismo, ma tutto fatto per ottenere una sola cosa: piacere.

Gli oggetti più utilizzati da una coppia sadomaso?Frustini, manette, bende per gli occhi, corpetti, tute in pelle, tacchi a spillo, anelli per il pene, e giocattolini vari. La violenza impiegata durante questi rapporti sessuali “alternativi” non un tipo di violenza con il fine di ferire fisicamente e moralmente l’altra persona. , infatti, un tipo di violenza che arreca piacere alla vittima in questione, la quale, il più delle volte, incita il proprio partner a continuare o a mettere più forza nei colpi di frusta.

Molte persone godono nel vedersi ammanettate al letto o ad una parete mentre i loro partner gli strizzano i capezzoli, li sculacciano o, semplicemente, li bendano e li fanno godere con il solo uso della propria lingua o del proprio organo genitale.

Ma il sadomaso non solo quello estremo, esiste anche una forma di sadomaso più soft, da poter praticare tranquillamente nella propria camera da letto solo con un paio di manette o con una mascherina. Si tratta solo di far viaggiare la propria fantasia e conoscere i propri limiti.

lunedì 10 dicembre 2018

A Practical Guide To Introducing BDSM Into Your Relationship

Most people's sex lives could be charitably described as "vanilla" - which is totally fine! But if you clicked on this story, I'm going to assume you're flirting with the idea of introducing something spicier.

The world of BDSM isn't just for leather festishists and 50 Shades fans: anybody can get involved - and they totally should. Here's everything you need to know about getting acquainted with the kinkier side of carnal pleasure.

BDSM is an all-inclusive term given to any sexual behaviour that might be considered alternative, and can be split into three major areas:
B&D: Bondage and Discipline
D&S: Domination and Submission
S&M: Sadism and Masochism

A lot of the stigma around 'BDSM' has evaporated in recent years. E. L. James' Fifty Shadestrilogy has awakened many an inner kinkster, sparking curiosity and experimentation all over the world. As well as offering new physical sensations, BDSM can create an intensified feeling of trust and closeness.

If you’re intrigued, broaching the subject with your partner can be tricky. And if you’ve jumped that hurdle and are eager to begin, where do you start? Here are some beginner-friendly tips to get you started:

  • First and most importantly, don’t just spring it on your partner. It's important to talk to them about your desires first. Ask open questions, like: “How would you feel about using a blindfold in bed tonight?”
  • BDSM should only be practised if both partners are willing and comfortable. Don’t force the issue if your partner isn’t interested. Also, you may not be aware of events in your partner's past that could mean the prospect of BDSM is a little upsetting – be sensitive to this when suggesting trying a new activity.
  • If you’re not into something your partner has suggested, understand that your partner's desires are valid but don’t feel bad – and definitely don’t do anything if you feel manipulated or blackmailed.
  • If you both want to try BDSM, it's essential that you discuss rules and limits, and agree any boundaries before play begins.
  • Before you buy any equipment, talk about what you would like to try. Are you looking to enhance sensory play? Do you or your partner have a preference as to who should be tied up? Are you happy being spanked or spanking your partner? These are all questions you should have explicit answers to before diving in.
  • Bondage kits like the Purple Reins Beginners Bondage Kit and the Fifty Shades Darker Principles of Lust Romantic Couples Kit contain staple BDSM items and are great value for money, allowing you to experiment without investing in loads of toys. Visit our Bondage for Beginners guide to discover the best first-time toys.
  • If you’re using restraints, make sure you both know exactly how to unfasten them before you put them to full use, and choose handcuffs with a quick release option or a spare key. Avoid anything which ties in a knot until you're ready to do the research needed to play safely. A great alternative is bondage tape – it sticks to itself so you can bind wrists, ankles and just about any body part without the fuss and hassle of knots.
  • Ensure that you are both able to communicate, and that you have agreed on a safe word and/or a safe action that you can use at any time to halt the fun and games if they get too much for you.
  • Never mix alcohol and BDSM, especially when restraint is involved – remember, you’re responsible for your lover's safety as well as their pleasure.
If you're keen to keep exploring, you can read more about BDSM and bondage safety techniques here. Have fun and stay safe!

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mercoledì 5 dicembre 2018

A Mini Guide To 'Edging' (AKA Orgasm Control)

Coco Cameron

Edging is essentially orgasm control, in which either you or a partner are brought to the point of orgasm, then stopping just before reaching the peak in order to make the eventual climax strong and more intense.

So, why do it? Firstly, the increased blood flow makes the genitals even more sensitive, which in turn makes for a more intense orgasm. Secondly, unlike many other BDSM practices, it doesn’t involve the world of pain play but still offers the power dynamic that is such an integral part of kink.

The edging technique can be used either during masturbation or foreplay with a partner, by both sexes, and can be a particularly effective technique in delaying orgasm for guys who suffer from premature ejaculation.

It’s also a great technique to help offset mild erectile issues, as it can keep men harder and more excited. Fans of ‘edging’ love the sensation of almost coming, backing off and then taking it back to the brink again.

Now you know what edging is, why not give it a go? Start off with the Classic Magic Wand Vibrator and tease yourself to the brink, or ask your partner to tease you with the strong vibrations the wand produces against the clitoris, then pull back as soon as you feel like you are at the point of orgasm. You can repeat this as many times as you desire. Then, once you are ready to release, go go go!

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