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mercoledì 5 dicembre 2018

A Mini Guide To 'Edging' (AKA Orgasm Control)

Coco Cameron

Edging is essentially orgasm control, in which either you or a partner are brought to the point of orgasm, then stopping just before reaching the peak in order to make the eventual climax strong and more intense.

So, why do it? Firstly, the increased blood flow makes the genitals even more sensitive, which in turn makes for a more intense orgasm. Secondly, unlike many other BDSM practices, it doesn’t involve the world of pain play but still offers the power dynamic that is such an integral part of kink.

The edging technique can be used either during masturbation or foreplay with a partner, by both sexes, and can be a particularly effective technique in delaying orgasm for guys who suffer from premature ejaculation.

It’s also a great technique to help offset mild erectile issues, as it can keep men harder and more excited. Fans of ‘edging’ love the sensation of almost coming, backing off and then taking it back to the brink again.

Now you know what edging is, why not give it a go? Start off with the Classic Magic Wand Vibrator and tease yourself to the brink, or ask your partner to tease you with the strong vibrations the wand produces against the clitoris, then pull back as soon as you feel like you are at the point of orgasm. You can repeat this as many times as you desire. Then, once you are ready to release, go go go!

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