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domenica 12 luglio 2020

#Repost @therapy_body • • • • • • We may not like our own thoughts, feelings, or behaviors from time-to-time but we must always love ourselves. It is important to be mindful of the roles that we invoke, and how we speak about and identify ourselves. We all have our demons to bear, but we are never all good or all bad. Instead of tearing apart one moment, a situation or circumstance, let us look at ourselves over time for consistency. It is always easier to define what we do not like about ourselves, and we must as this is where we can find opportunities to improve, but it does not have to be a process that causes self-harm. We can emphasize what is working, what is meeting standards, and what is good enough while at the same time seeing room for growth and learning. We are all experiencing new aspects of self that are emerging due to what is going on around the world, and we may not always like what we see; this is okay if we take a pause to see what we can do with that information. Often the most harmful negative self-talk is associated to roles such as the inner critic, perfectionist, and the people pleaser. These roles tend to appear as positive roles, or ones that people knowingly play through because they see them as productive, yet they often cause us to attack ourselves. Be sure to keep these roles in check while continuing to embrace and nurture all of your attributes. 📸@alanbarnettphoto #gayguy #gayman #gaymen #malemodel #gaymodel #abs #gayabs #fitgay #nycgay #photography #art #gayinked #gaymotivation #gayinspiration #gaytherapy #gaynyc #gayhot #gayinsta #gaypic #gayinstagram #cutegay #gaymuscles #gayart #gayartwork #gayfollow4follow #gaybrooklyn #dominagoldy

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