Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work


domenica 12 luglio 2020

#Repost @therapy_body • • • • • • Many of us wish we could crawl out of this time period, leave it behind, or stay in the past. This is impossible and the time period must be accepted. This pandemic and the unrest that surrounds inequity will establish a new norm that we must adjust to and welcome, as rejection will surly cause us to remain uncomfortably stuck as a society. When being forced, for betterment or not, to quickly change the adjustment can be jarring but at times necessary for humanity to survive. Like a monster under the bed many emotions are being provoked and brought out, one being a lot of fear. What is next? Can this be any worse? When will the pain and discomfort end? Whatever your emotional response is, is valid as it is yours, however we must still be accountable for our behaviors to ourselves and others. Do not allow what is going on in the world to bring out the hideous and unpleasant sides of yourself that can cause harm. We are all allowed to be alarmed, agitated, and disturbed by what we are seeing, feeling, and experiencing but make sure that what it elicits in you is productive in some manner so that it makes a difference and supports the necessary change. Do not feed into the turmoil, find order where you can, give to and support others, be willing to acknowledge the experiences of others along with your own, and continue to see, hear, and use your voice so that we can all emerge safer, healthier, and changed for the better. Let this be our common cause, to battle the darkness of the times in order to help emerge something that will be acceptable, equitable, and healthier for all. 📸@alanbarnettphoto . . #gayguy #gayman #gaymen #malemodel #gaymodel #abs #gayabs #fitgay #nycgay #photography #art #gayinked #gaymotivation #gayinspiration #gaytherapy #gaynyc #gayhot #gayinsta #gaypic #gayinstagram #cutegay #gaymuscles #gayart #gayartwork #dominagoldy

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