Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work


venerdì 10 agosto 2018

The Feelings of A Locked Boy

From the moment I put on a chastity device, I feel secure, I have something touching my intimate parts and reminding me of the Woman who owns me. 
It is a reminder of the fact that I have given up myself to the service and the pleasure of my Mistress, and that Her pleasure is the only one that matters in our relationship. 

She comes first.

When I wear my chastity device, it is as if I was carrying my Mistress’s firm grip in my pants every moment of every day: when I am alone, when I sleep and when I socialise with my friends. People stand beside me, never realising that my Mistress holds me tight down in my intimate boy parts. 
It humiliates me every moment of the day, making me feel submitted to Her will, literally owned. 
It is a reminder that She is the Woanan and that I am the submissive boy reduced to a hole for Her to fill and to take care of.

I am denied, emasculated and servile.

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