Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work


domenica 8 gennaio 2017


D/s stands for dominance and submission. 
It is a practice in which one person voluntarily gives up his or her control to another for the purpose of mutual enjoyment. 
Some individuals use D/s only as a sexual role-play, while others may live out a D/s relationship dynamic 24/7. 
D/s is first and foremost a psychological structure, though it can also involve physical acts. It is common in the BDSM community and can be combined with other aspects of kink and fetish, or not. I'm a D/s specialist and I integrate it heavily into most of my sessions as well as my personal practice. Ultimately I seek a profound and life-changing style of power exchange that creates positive transformation in both Dom/me and sub. The ultimate goal of D/s is not to punish, but to help make the sub a better human being.

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