Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work


lunedì 8 ottobre 2018

I wanna tease you to the point of torture

Your hands tied behind your back so you can’t misbehave even if you wanted to. I want to have you right on the edge of cumming from my hands and then stop, listening to you whine desperately, your hips bucking up in search of friction.

I want it to be messy, lots of lube (or oil) to make it super wet and easy for me to stroke your pretty cock with one hand while the other plays with your balls, cupping them, running a finger over your perineum. Maybe even play with your cute little hole if you’re a very good boy. i’ll keep going like that, edging you again and again until you’re crying from a mixture of under and overstimulation; til it’s too much and not quite enough all at the same time.

Whether or not i eventually let you cum depends on how nicely you beg me for it.

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