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lunedì 18 marzo 2019

How to enforce chastity rules

If you’re a Master/Mistress that wants to make sure your slave only hungers for you, then you may want to try out some chastity training. But how can you be sure that your slave is following your commands when you’re not around? How to enforce chastity with your submissive?

First of all, if there is any doubt about the trust in your relationship, this might be a bigger question than just chastity. Instead, you might want to look into seeing if your Dom/me-slave relationship is rock solid. If not, work on that before you start using these chastity rules enforcement tips
More Time Together

It’s true, the easiest way to make sure your slave is going to be following the rules you set is to make sure that they are always around you. You might want to commit to a weekend together, a weekend in which you watch them and you make sure that they never masturbate without your knowledge. Or you might want to make sure that your slave lets you watch them when they are home on a web cam or another device. The easiest thing for a Dominant to ensure enforcement of chastity would be to add a chastity belt to your slave’s life too, if possible. This will allow you to be with them, even when you’re not.

If you choose to add a chastity belt to their training, know there are other responsibilities that you must be accountable for.

Female Chastity Equipment

1) See your slave regularly – You can not put a chastity belt on a slave and never see them again. While the chastity belt protects and prevents any contact with the most intimate and gentle of body parts, the side effect is that a slave is not able to clean these areas while the chastity belt is on. This means as a Dom/me you must see your slave regularly, so you can remove the belt giving them a chance to wash and groom as required by you.

2) Slave’s must orgasm for their health – While it may seem fun to put a slave in chastity and never let them orgasm again, if done for too long it can actually make training your slave more difficult in the long run. Having an orgasm helps to produce positive hormones that promote a healthy mind and body, therefore denying your slave an orgasm for too long can be unhealthy both mentally and physically. While extending the time between orgasms can stimulate a more cooperative slave, if extended too long it can actually regress your training.

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3) Stimulate more communication – You should be doing this already but if not, then now is the time to step it up. If you put a slave into chastity you must make sure that you keep the lines of communication open and stimulate more discussion about how they are feeling both mentally and physically. Adding a belt to their training for a certain period of time (for example 1 week) then discuss with your slave how they are feeling both mentally and physically. Question you can ask:
Are you having a hard time focusing throughout the day?
On a scale of 0 – 10 how is your mood throughout the day? (0 – being a feeling of depression 10 – being a sense of extreme happy)
Do you feel motivated to perform regular activities throughout the day?
On a scale of 0 – 10 how is your motivation to serve Me? (0 – having no motivation 10 – being extremely motivated)
How many hours of restful sleep are you getting a night?

These questions give you a starting point for communication and from their answers you can dig deeper to figure out if you can extend a slave’s chastity or if its time for them to have an orgasm or be freed from their belt altogether.

4) Keep a close eye on them – Sometimes a slave will not be honest with their Dom/me because they are afraid of disappointing their Dom/me. Other slaves might not know exactly how they are feeling, so they won’t be able to express it clearly to their Dom/me. Whatever the reason, its important that a Dom/me keep a close eye on their sub’s appearance and behavior patterns and make note of it for future reference. Keeping a Journal can be an effective way to keep track of any changes in a sub’s behavior. Things you should look for and make note of:
Any changes in personal grooming habits – Have they gone from taking care of their appearance on a daily basis to being unkempt and sloppy with their appearance
Are they having a hard time answering questions
Are they having difficulty performing tasks
Are they becoming forgetful
Are they eager to serve you or tired and uninterested in serving

Make a note of any changes that might be appearing. W/we all have off days but if you see a pattern becoming worst with time, then it might be an indicator to take the belt off your slave. Take notes and refer back to them often.

You may also want to have your slave wear gloves when they are alone since this will make masturbation much more difficult. This will also serve as a constant reminder that their hands no longer do their wishes.
Frequent Check-Ins

However, the reality is that many Masters/Mistresses and slaves aren’t able to live together or they don’t want to. Instead, you need to create a system of frequent check-ins that will help the slave begin to see that they are always under the control of their Master/Mistress. This might start with the slave:
Calling – They might have to call you at certain times of the day, whenever they are alone and might be tempted to get themselves off.
Texting – You may also want to work on the slave having to text you whenever they are tempted to masturbate. This might include a code to ensure no one else knows what the slave means.
Emailing – Email is another way for your slave to check in constantly to ensure that they are not spending their time with a vibrator.

Actually, having the toys they own locked up and put away is another way to ensure a slave is not going to be touching themselves or bringing themselves to orgasm. You will want to make sure all temptation is out of the way.
Have Slaves Document Their Days

In the beginning days of enforced chastity, a slave might be told to document their actions every second of the day. This will be reviewed by the Master/Mistress to make sure that any free time is not being used for things the slave is not allowed to do. The slave will need to describe every single thing they do every moment they are awake. Even when they are lying in bed, they need to document their thoughts so that there are no times when they might have been masturbating and not telling the truth about it.

When taking away the slave’s ability to play with themselves when they want to, the slave is able to focus more on how they feel about their Master/Mistress. This will make sure that you are always in control. When they are able to have pleasure again, you will be the one to give it to them or you will give them the permission they need. This continues to strengthen your relationship and your power.

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  1. Bell'articolo che prende in considerazione molti aspetti della castità forzata purtroppo poco realizzabili nella vita reale di tutti i giorni per molti. Resta però il senso del controllo e della volontà del sottomesso di obbedire, eseguire, dedicare anche quando materialmente non può indossare lo strumento di castità. E allora lo strumento di castità diventa 'la testa', stabilito che in un vero rapporto Dom/sub non avrebbe senso mentire alla Padrona. E quindi molte delle cose descritte sono comunque valide anche quando quel lucchetto, in certi momenti, è la Sua voce che ordina e controlla.


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